Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is compulsory for every employer.

Protect your business and your employees with Alpha Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

To assist our customers and their employees, Alpha Insurance offers a range of solutions which help to extend and/or top-up the amounts that an employee may be entitled to under only the Statute.

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Worker's Compensation (Statutory Cover)

Insurance for all employers in PNG, providing protection for workers if they suffer a work-related injury or disease. Download

Worker's Compensation - Common Law

Protection against settlements and awards given at common law, arising from worker related injuries and illnesses and the subsequent claims. Download

Worker's Emergency Transportation and Hospitalisation Abroad (WETHA) Extension

Workers’ sometimes experience injuries or illness as a result of their employment, and their condition cannot be effectively treated in Papua New Guinea because of the nature or extent of the circumstances, or the prognosis requires a higher level of specialist care and expertise. WETHA cover provides this additional protection subject to terms, conditions and limits.

Extra-Territorial Worker's COmpenstaion Insurance

Many businesses send employees overseas on business or work-related trips. This can be for a variety of reasons. If your employee is injured or becomes ill from a work-related incident, it is likely that your employee is protected and entitled to protection, equal to that of the Country in which they are injured. Extra-Territorial Worker’s Compensation provides the gap cover between the level of cover provided under the Worker’s Compensation Policy in PNG and the Statutory limits and covers set by the overseas Country where the injury or illness occur. If you have any employees traveling overseas, this cover is vitally important for you. Download

Salary Continuance and Make-up Pay

The statutory limits of cover provided for workers in PNG is very low in some circumstances.

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